Quick plants

Quick plants One, two, gotcha, that one is not going anywhere. Who wants to catch flies needs to be super quick, like Venus flytrap. A real hunter, this plant. Where most plants are preyed by hungry insects, is this meat-eater eating them. This makes Venus flytrap already an exception within plants. Another difference, most plantsContinue reading “Quick plants”

Snelle planten

Snelle planten Een, twee, hebbes, die vliegt niet meer weg. Wie vliegen wil vangen moet vliegensvlug zijn, en dat is venusvliegenval. Een jagende plant. Waar de meeste planten ten prooi vallen aan gulzige insecten, eet deze vleeseter ze juist op. Daarmee is venusvliegenval al een uitzondering onder de planten. Een ander verschil, de meeste plantenContinue reading “Snelle planten”

Regulating enzymes

Regulating enzymes Regulation can happen in many ways. For metabolic pathways three main regulatory mechanisms can be distinguished. A) The production of its enzymes, B) the degradation of these enzymes and C) regulating the activity of these enzymes. Where the regulation through the production and degradation of enzymes is crude and imprecise, regulation through regulatingContinue reading “Regulating enzymes”

The art of bending

The art of bending How to bend, or more precisely, how do plants bend? This was the question Baral and his colleagues set to answer. The bending of plants occurs as a result of many stimuli, such as wind, the search of nutrients, or obstacles. These can all occur at various stages of plant development.Continue reading “The art of bending”