A nice smell

A nice smell Nectar and pollen making flowers attractive for pollinators. But not only pollinators, also florivores, flower eating insects, are attracted. Researchers from Germany wondered how pollinator and florivores react to the smells that flowers emit. It turned out that both pollinators and florivores alike are recognising and are attracted by the smell bouquetContinue reading “A nice smell”


Touch An obstacle influences plant growth. How a plant registers touch is not completely clear. Long did researchers think plants observe touch with help of their trichomes, the hairs on a leaf. But not all plants have hairy leaves. Now a group of American, German, and Danish researchers show that the pavement cells at theContinue reading “Touch”


Decoy Pathogens, we rather not have them. But keeping them away or getting rid of them is not always that easy. Sometimes they take essential processes hostage. Processes which a plant can’t do without. This makes the ideal for pathogens to use them for their own growth. Still plants are not that easily to infect.Continue reading “Decoy”

Hidden flowers

Hidden flowers The ever presents of plants makes that we often don’t even notice them. They are not moving, so they are not a direct danger to us. Which is sad as we also don’t see their many fascinating aspects. Did you for example know that there are plants that are literally stay hidden forContinue reading “Hidden flowers”