Arrested development

Arrested development Plants procreate through a double fertilization. They don’t get twins, only one of the two sperm cells fertilizes an egg cell. The second sperm cell is needed for the fertilization of the central cell. To form the endosperm, tissue that supports the developing embryo in its growth and germination. Giving the endosperm anContinue reading “Arrested development”

Keeping the balance when submerged

Keeping the balance when submerged Plants, just like animals and humans need oxygen to survive. Normally this is no problem. As a by-product of photosynthesis, oxygen is freely available. But by flooding a plant is under water, no photosynthesis can take place resulting in a lack of oxygen. To survive such a submergence, plants switchContinue reading “Keeping the balance when submerged”

Working together

Working together The first thing a seedling does, after its germination, is growing upwards. To get above the ground into the sunlight. A seedling gets there not so much through cell division, but through stretching itself. Researchers know that this is regulated by the plant hormones auxin and brassinosteroid. But how these two growth-managers workContinue reading “Working together”

Resistance to witchweed

Resistance to witchweed Weeds are unwanted. Often, easy removed by hoeing. But it is a different story when weeds are parasitising a plant. Striga is one of these parasitising weeds. It is a real pest in sub-Sahara Africa. It parasitises crops like maize, rice, and sorghum. And it gets its nickname ‘witchweed’ from the abilityContinue reading “Resistance to witchweed”