Grip on DNA

Grip on DNA For plants that reproduce trough flowering, a proper formation of these flowers is essential. One of the important proteins in this process is LEAFY, a gene on/off switching protein. LEAFY regulates genes needed for flower formation. LEAFY can turn on some of these by itself, but for others LEAFY needs a helpingContinue reading “Grip on DNA”

Gene expression, a case of regulation

Gene expression, a case of regulation Expression of genes is regulated on multiple levels. Well known of these are the transcription factors, gene on/off switches. In addition, accessibility of the DNA determines if a gene can be transcribed or not. Moreover, there is regulation at the RNA level. Determining if and which part of theContinue reading “Gene expression, a case of regulation”

Gene editing via grafting

Gene editing via grafting Something we cannot ignore is our need for better plants. Plants that can deal better with extremes, like drought, heat, or salt. Plants that are better protected against pests. That have a higher yield. That are more nutritious. A whole shopping list. And rather yesterday than today. Techniques like gene editingContinue reading “Gene editing via grafting”

Arrested development

Arrested development Plants procreate through a double fertilization. They don’t get twins, only one of the two sperm cells fertilizes an egg cell. The second sperm cell is needed for the fertilization of the central cell. To form the endosperm, tissue that supports the developing embryo in its growth and germination. Giving the endosperm anContinue reading “Arrested development”