Longer roots

Longer roots To access deeper located water enables a plant to better withstand drought. Helpful hereby are longer roots that penetrate deeper into the soil. It is one of the traits that breeders select during the development of drought resilient wheat. Although a big stumbling block is that there is relatively little known about whichContinue reading “Longer roots”

Extra root growth through infection

Extra root growth through infection Nematodes that infect plants can cause lots of damage. These parasites infect the plants through their roots. When inside, they work their way up to the vascular bundle, were they start feeding. Plants are growing more roots around the infection site, as a way of compensating. But up to nowContinue reading “Extra root growth through infection”

Only welcome during shortage

Only welcome during shortage One of the plants challenges is to find enough nutrients for growth. Especially finding enough nitrogen and phosphate can be challenging. A plant needs a lot of these building blocks. But working together with fungi and bacteria can help to acquire more nitrogen or phosphate. But this partnership comes with aContinue reading “Only welcome during shortage”

Juvenile roots

Juvenile roots Plants, just like humans, go through different life stages. After germination they start off as a seedling, and subsequently grow into a mature plant which, when the circumstances are right, flowers and forms seeds. These phases are good to distinguish for the above ground part of the plant. And we know how aContinue reading “Juvenile roots”