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Another attempt to resurrect this blog. This time born out of a desire to get better in science writing as well as wanting to tell the wider world about the fascinating aspects of plant science.

The realisation that I actually like reading and writing about science more than actually doing the experiments myself was a slow one, considering that I am well in my postdoctoral extra time in my fourth postdoctoral position. Over the years I have done widely different research project allowing me to read widely about plant science together with getting a glimpse of the research that people in other groups than my own were doing. All equally fascinating if not more so than the research topic I was pursuing myself at that moment.

It probably speaks about how much at home I felt in the lab together with enough positive results to keep going that I managed to hold on for so long and believe in the dream that if I just work hard enough, with a bit of luck I would be able to make it to a PI position. Even though in hindsight I never had enough publications and data from Friday afternoon projects needed to propel you in that highly dreamed of PI position. However, after struggling to get the assay condition just right, progressing in the style of three steps forward two steps back for about a year now. After just another blot failing to show the results I so desperately want I came to the realization that this in my eyes now tedious labwork is not what I want to do.

For some months now I have been thinking about what it is what I wanted to do as this postdoc ended as I am well aware now that to do another one is no option and the chances of making it into a PI position a practically non existing whatever others might tell me. Number one on that list was that in my next job I wanted to be able to read more about science. Though this in it self would hardly pay the bills, nobody would be so creasy to pay you money so you could just read about science. So vague ideas about how maybe I could then help others doing science while reading about science. Maybe writing a book someday when I have enough spare time and a stable income so not having to worry about paying bills. But then, after that doomed blot , I realized that while I could wait for the perfect time and opportunity to arise for writing that book, I could always just start writing and blogging about the science I read and heard about. So that is what I plan to do, allocating some time at the start of each day to read and write about the science I read and heard about. It probably won’t be perfect, so don’t hesitate to give me some feedback, although preferably in an encouraging way.

Published by Femke de Jong

A plant scientist who wants to let people know more about the wonders of plant science. Follow me at @plantandzo

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