Don’t touch me

Don’t touch me Plants are most often not recognised for their speed. Their reaction is often hardly visible with the naked eye, to see them moving you really need some patience. But as always there are some exceptions. Those that react quickly. To catch insects. Or to scare them away. They do that without aContinue reading “Don’t touch me”

Relay messengers

Relay messengers A fast response is needed when pathogenic bacteria or fungi enters a plant. Then the plant can try to actively stop this intruder, starting an immune reaction. For this, the recogniser sends a message to the whole cell, who in turn forwards it to the whole plant. Like a relay. Although most ofContinue reading “Relay messengers”

Heat gives infections a chance

Heat gives infections a chance Through higher temperatures due to climate change plants get into more trouble. They get stressed faster. By heat. By drought. But also, it makes them more infection prone. At higher temperatures, the immune response upon pathogen infection does not happen. Giving the pathogens free access. The increasingly common occurrence ofContinue reading “Heat gives infections a chance”

Precision insecticide

Precision insecticide Fields full of crops are an all you can eat buffet for many insects. They eat the plants. Not something a farmer wishes, as it lowers the yield. The most effective method: killing all the insects with insecticides. Although, this is also not something we like to do. A dilemma for the farmer.Continue reading “Precision insecticide”