What makes a binding domain

What makes a binding domain One of the projects that I am busy with at the moment is writing a review about phosphoinositide binding domains. Preparing for that I have been reading old reviews on the same topic. One thing that I noticed was that some domains which have shown to bind phosphoinositides, like theContinue reading “What makes a binding domain”

Vesicle-vacuole fusion – A little less of a mystery

Vesicle-vacuole fusion – A little less of a mystery Recently, Yvon Jaillais attended me in his tweet of the latest paper of the Raikhel/Hicks lab. I have been wanting to write a review of this paper as it shows some nice research. However, reading the article I also quickly came to realise, that in orderContinue reading “Vesicle-vacuole fusion – A little less of a mystery”

Context is everything

Context is everything I have been reading a ton of articles lately, in order to get a better grip on phosphoinositide-binding proteins. Slowly, this made me realise that how we present our findings is important. Of course a well written article is easier to read than one that is not. But the order we presentContinue reading “Context is everything”

How plants avoid salt

How plants avoid salt Plants don’t like high salt levels in their cells. They do therefore everything they can to avoid this. As mentioned in earlier posts plants have a number of strategies for this. However, the best strategy is not taking up to much salt in the first place. Being sensitive to salts, plantsContinue reading “How plants avoid salt”