Grip on DNA

Grip on DNA For plants that reproduce trough flowering, a proper formation of these flowers is essential. One of the important proteins in this process is LEAFY, a gene on/off switching protein. LEAFY regulates genes needed for flower formation. LEAFY can turn on some of these by itself, but for others LEAFY needs a helpingContinue reading “Grip on DNA”


Spookplanten Planten en de kleur groen zijn onlosmakelijk aan elkaar gebonden. Hun groene kleur danken planten aan hun chlorofyl, kleine organellen waar de fotosynthese plaats vindt. Toch zijn er planten die, ondanks alle voordelen van het aanmaken van je eigen energie, gekozen hebben on hun chlorofyl de deur uit te doen. Zonder chlorofyl zien dezeContinue reading “Spookplanten”

Ghost plants

Ghost plants Plants and the colour green are inseparable connected. Plants are green due to their chlorophyl, the small organelles where photosynthesis takes place. Still there are plants that, irrespective of the advantages of making your own energy, chose to chuck their chlorophyl out. Without chlorophyl these plants have a ghostly appearance and get theirContinue reading “Ghost plants”

Getting it just right

Getting it just right Plants can’t change place when their environment changes. Whether it is warm or cold, wet or dry, all a plant can do is adapt. One of the things it adapts is the size of its flowers. German researchers found out that under warm conditions the flowers are smaller than under coldContinue reading “Getting it just right”