Flourishing with a little bacterial help

Flourishing with a little bacterial help Bacteria and fungi in the soil unlock mineral sources of nitrogen, sulphate, and iron. Transforming these minerals into a form that plants can uptake. While these microorganisms are always useful, they are essential in arid soils that have accumulated huge mineral quantities. Such as the Atacama Desert. Here largeContinue reading “Flourishing with a little bacterial help”

How to predict winter

How to predict winter It’s a challenge, year after year, to stop growing on time. And, after winter, to start again. Annual plants have it easy. They germinate, grow, flower, set seeds, disperse them, and die. Simple. Easy, first one thing than the next. Being a perennial is not that easy. Every year you needContinue reading “How to predict winter”

Oxygen shortage

Oxygen shortage Plants, you can find them everywhere, even on top of a mountain. Circumstances are different there, on top of the mountain, than here, below at sea level. The air, for example, is thinner. Which causes problems. Even though, plants breath CO2, oxygen is important. So important, they have a special detection system forContinue reading “Oxygen shortage”

Touching: No thanks

Touching: No thanks A path across a field of grass, noticeable because the grass is shorter. Grass we often walk over grows slower. It is one of the most eye-catching examples how plants react to repeated touch. They don’t like it. Above ground plants grow less fast, and flower later. Below ground, they anchor themselvesContinue reading “Touching: No thanks”