SNAREs deal with K+ channels

SNAREs deal with K+ channels It has been a busy week so it took some time to get my thoughts organised and write this review. Keeping up with vesicle fusion, we now have a look at how SNARE assembly is regulated. The final step of vesicle fusion with the plasma membrane is regulated by theContinue reading “SNAREs deal with K+ channels”

What makes a binding domain

What makes a binding domain One of the projects that I am busy with at the moment is writing a review about phosphoinositide binding domains. Preparing for that I have been reading old reviews on the same topic. One thing that I noticed was that some domains which have shown to bind phosphoinositides, like theContinue reading “What makes a binding domain”

Vesicle-vacuole fusion – A little less of a mystery

Vesicle-vacuole fusion – A little less of a mystery Recently, Yvon Jaillais attended me in his tweet of the latest paper of the Raikhel/Hicks lab. I have been wanting to write a review of this paper as it shows some nice research. However, reading the article I also quickly came to realise, that in orderContinue reading “Vesicle-vacuole fusion – A little less of a mystery”