Unique together

Unique together The regulation of genes is done for an important part by transcription factors. But which genes a transcription factor transcribes is strongly dependent on where it is. This allows a transcription factor to regulate different genes in different tissues. The big question is: How does it do this? Now researchers from the NetherlandsContinue reading “Unique together”

Extra root growth through infection

Extra root growth through infection Nematodes that infect plants can cause lots of damage. These parasites infect the plants through their roots. When inside, they work their way up to the vascular bundle, were they start feeding. Plants are growing more roots around the infection site, as a way of compensating. But up to nowContinue reading “Extra root growth through infection”

Pollen discrimination

Pollen discrimination When visiting flowers pollinators bring a wide variety of pollen, coming from a range of plants. From plants of the same species, but also from those that are not related at all. Plants are picky, to prevent spending their energy on the production of unviable offspring. Only pollen that are recognised as compatibleContinue reading “Pollen discrimination”

Grip on DNA

Grip on DNA For plants that reproduce trough flowering, a proper formation of these flowers is essential. One of the important proteins in this process is LEAFY, a gene on/off switching protein. LEAFY regulates genes needed for flower formation. LEAFY can turn on some of these by itself, but for others LEAFY needs a helpingContinue reading “Grip on DNA”