Under pressure

Under pressure Not only do roots anker the plant to the ground, they also actively search for water and nutrients. In their search they come across a range of obstacles. Think about stones and other roots, but also more densely packed patches of soil. They grow gently around or through these. During growth the tipContinue reading “Under pressure”

Onder druk

Onder druk Wortels verankeren planten niet alleen in de grond, maar gaan ook actief op zoek naar water en voedingstoffen. Daarbij komen ze allerlei obstakels tegen. Denk hierbij aan stenen of andere wortels, maar ook aan hardere, dichter opeengepakte stukken grond. Ze groeien hier rustig om- of doorheen. De tip van de wortel is hetContinue reading “Onder druk”

The art of bending

The art of bending How to bend, or more precisely, how do plants bend? This was the question Baral and his colleagues set to answer. The bending of plants occurs as a result of many stimuli, such as wind, the search of nutrients, or obstacles. These can all occur at various stages of plant development.Continue reading “The art of bending”

Plasticity in phloem development

Plasticity in phloem development Last week at a symposium, we were reminded by Antia Rodriguez-Villalon that in plants organogenesis does not stop after germination. In fact, plants keep producing new organs through their lives. While most of us think by organ formation in plants first about leaves or flowers, Antia Rodriguez-Villalon work actually focusses onContinue reading “Plasticity in phloem development”