Shaped through light

Shaped through light Plants adapt their appearance to their environment. Plants grow, for example, more in hight when standing in the shadow. Light also influences the number of branches. But how this is regulated was up to now not clear. Now researchers from China and the UK showed how light regulates bud outgrow. How andContinue reading “Shaped through light”

From day to night

From day to night Licht and dark, regulate a plants growth and development. Day and night, each bringing their own set of regulators. But the transition goes gradually from the day to the night shift. Just like how the dark is slowly consuming the light at the start of the night. The important regulator ofContinue reading From day to night

Light on: Go

Light on: Go Water is an essential part of photosynthesis, the reaction that makes energy for plants. To get the water to the reaction, veins are essential. These pipelines transport the water form the roots to the light. As the water needs to get to the light, light influences the placement of these veins. Consequently,Continue reading “Light on: Go”