How to help plants with their defence

How to help plants with their defence Aphids are one of the many insects that are a pest to plants. They eat by sucking up plant juices. In the process they can transfer plant pathogens. On top of that, they also reproduce supper quickly. Making them a real pest. One, farmers don’t like to haveContinue reading “How to help plants with their defence”

A new way to make a plant immune

A new way to make a plant immune Just like people plants come across pathogens. In contrast to humans, plants do not have an adaptable immune system that comes up with a way to deal with each new virus, bacteria or fungus. A plant either recognises an intruder or it does not. This recognition isContinue reading “A new way to make a plant immune”

The ‘I am damaged’ fragrance

The ‘I am damaged’ fragrance Plants communicate with the world via volatiles, which we can often smell. To attract insects is a well-known reason plants emit volatiles. Less well known is maybe that plants also emit volatiles when they are damaged. This creates the smell of freshly cut grass. For this it does not matterContinue reading “The ‘I am damaged’ fragrance”

Natural variation in the wild

Natural variation in the wild In general, researchers want to have as much control over their experiments as possible. This helps to say with certainty that the effect they see is due to the treatment they gave. The more variation during experiments, the less certain they are they can point to the cause of theContinue reading “Natural variation in the wild”