Light makes plants move

Light makes plants move Light, the most important energy source for a plant. It is not always easily accessible. Anchored in the ground, plants can not step out of the shadow and into the light. But that is not to say that they don’t try to reach for the light. They do. By moving theirContinue reading “Light makes plants move”

Caught in the moment

Caught in the moment Evolution, a slow process, difficult to see in action. Often it is so slow, only after a long time, you notice something has changed. Then, try finding out what caused the change. Sometimes, however, it is at once clear something has changed. An organ or a limp is missing, misplaced, orContinue reading “Caught in the moment”

Grafting: Now also possible for banana trees

Grafting: Now also possible for banana trees Grafting, connecting and fusing a part of one plant with the stem on another plant, is a widespread method used by growers. It allows to combine preferred traits. Such as disease resistance or having a strong root system and the ideal hight or fruit production. That two plantsContinue reading “Grafting: Now also possible for banana trees”

UV pigmentation, more than just for the bees

UV pigmentation, more than just for the bees Flowers come in many shapes and colours. Beyond even those we can see. Flowers show a lot of variation in, for us invisible, ultraviolet pigments. Such as the UV absorbing pigments on the petals of sunflowers. These can be just at the base of the petal, formingContinue reading “UV pigmentation, more than just for the bees”