The art of bending

The art of bending How to bend, or more precisely, how do plants bend? This was the question Baral and his colleagues set to answer. The bending of plants occurs as a result of many stimuli, such as wind, the search of nutrients, or obstacles. These can all occur at various stages of plant development.Continue reading “The art of bending”

Pollinated by roaches

Pollinated by roaches Thinking about the pollination of flowers most of us generally assume bees do all the hard work. While bees are busy as bees pollinating flowers, they are hardly the only ones recruited for the job. Loads of other insects are helping out, with bats and hummingbirds also part of the pollination workforce. AContinue reading “Pollinated by roaches”

Gene expression ≠ protein accumulation

Gene expression ≠ protein accumulation I was remined lately that people forget that gene expression does not equal protein accumulation. And also that protein accumulated is not equal to protein that is actual able to do what it is made for. So here an explaination about gene expression, protein accumulation, why are they not the same,Continue reading “Gene expression ≠ protein accumulation”