How phosphoinositol lipids can have an effect

How phosphoinosotol lipids can have an effect So in the last post I talked about that I am busy with trying to identify phosphoinositol lipids. But did not really say why I would like to know which proteins bind to my phosphoinositol lipid of interest. Phosphoinositol lipids can been seen as markers of the membranes.Continue reading “How phosphoinositol lipids can have an effect”

New lipid biosensor shines some light on stress response

New lipid biosensor shines some light on stress response PA (phosphatidic acid) is a membrane lipid, however it is also an important signalling lipid involved in the regulation of important cellular processes. In plants PA has been shown to be involved in the regulation of stomata opening as well as in drought and salt stress.Continue reading “New lipid biosensor shines some light on stress response”

A case of plant blindness

A case of plant blindness Most scientist working on plants would have noticed at some time that plants are ignored by a lot of other life science researchers. Sometimes it will be during a talk whereby the presenter say something along the line ‘in all eukaryotes we have gene family X’ while you know geneContinue reading “A case of plant blindness”